Bad Wörishofen

Apparently really thin and elegant women in the USA and perhaps UK too have now made the Bad Wörishofer sandals a fashion item. They follow Birkenstocks.

The name comes from the spa town Bad Wörishofen. As far as I can tell, the special feature is the insole (Fußbett).

I first read about this trend in The Independent yesterday. It claimed that the shoes could cure bunions. I would wear them immediately if I thought that. Can a shoe cure a bunion?

The clip-clop of new footwear trends usually heard marching on the high street as the autumn season approaches is being drowned out by the sturdy shuffle of a shoe designed not to turn heads but to cure bunions.

Here or elsewhere, I am sure I spotted the wandering umlaut problem (Worishöfer), but it will have been corrected on the internet.

The Daily Mail had an article yesterday (with photos).

Named after the Bavarian spa town where it is made (Bad Wörishofen), the cork-soled saviour to the aching feet of ladies of a certain age is enjoying an unlikely surge in popularity.

Celebrities such as Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst have been spotted wearing Wörishofers – which come in several designs and colours but never sway from their comfort-comes-first approach.

The Guardian took it up today.

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