New UK statute law website/Neue Website für Gesetze im Vereinigten Königreich is the new website replacing previous sites.

Q. What has happened to the OPSI and Statute Law Database (SLD) websites?

A. brings together the legislative content currently held on the OPSI website and revised legislation from the Statute Law Database to provide a single legislation service that replaces the current services. The OPSI and SLD websites are in the process of being decommissioned with users re-directed to this new service.

The UK Human Rights Blog says:

Making the law of the land readily available to the general public is probably the most basic requirement of ensuring access to justice. This is particularly so given that many people chose to litigate their own cases these days rather than instructing costly solicitors and barristers, a trend which is likely to increase once legal aid is further reduced in the coming “brutal” reforms. It is Kafkaesque to expect people to litigate in criminal or civil proceedings without any cheap way of knowing what the up-to-date law is.

Apparently it isn’t quite completed yet, and as with its predecessors, there is no guarantee that law after 2002 is up to date.

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