A book you can read only once (whether you hate it or not)/Ein Buch, das du nur einmal lesen kannst (egal, ob du es hasst oder nicht)

This is ridiculous. I already said some books I could read again, so the rest are the ones I won’t read again.

The most likely category are potboiler crime novels, which I have read a lot of but not recently. And I don’t have too many of them left on my shelves. I have been known to read Ruth Rendell, and I liked the Barbara Vine novels, at least those I read. I have read P.D. James but liked it less. Also Ian Rankin, Sue Grafton, Sarah Paretsky. And whoever wrote Bella Block, before Bella Block became Hannelore Hoger. I have found one of the spook Minni Mann series by Helmut Zenker, Die Mann ist tot und lässt Sie grüßen, which has a touch of Müllers Büro about it. Maybe I could read that again. But these are mostly page turners, and when I know the story I won’t enjoy the book on a second reading.

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