A book you can do nothing but laugh at/Ein Buch, bei dem du nur lachen kannst

This is a bit ambiguous, but assuming it’s meant seriously, one book translation I have mentioned before that I still find funny is Der tiefere Sinn des Labenz, a translation by Sven Böttcher of The Deeper Meaning of Liff by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd. It takes obscure place names and uses them to denote things for which no one word exists. The German is a recreation, rather than a translation, and it contains the whole English original.

Liff (n.) A common object or experience for which no word yet exists.

Limassol (n.) The correct name for one of those little paper umbrellas which come in cocktails with too much pineapple juice in them.

Lindisfarne (adj.) Descriptive of the pleasant smell of an empty biscuit tin.

Labenz, das Ein allgemein bekannter Gegenstand oder eine vertraute Erfahrung, für den oder die bisher noch keine Bezeichnung existiert.

Lamboing, das Geräusch, mit dem eine Glühbirne den Geist aufgibt.

Here’s a related website.

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