Green machine/Grün kehrt wieder in die Füzo ein

I was excited to see this green public transport ticket machine. The last one was carefully painted bronze by restorers. One hopes the city council haven’t got enough money to desecrate this one. For the restoring, see this earlier photo. The peculiar oval rubbish bins have been rebronzed.

This is a new machine, of course. They now accept credit cards, where previously they were trying to get people to have a particular kind of paycard called Geldkarte.

I am intrigued by the possibility of using headphones when using it. But it’s probably for the people using braille.

My excitement waned slightly when I read a brochure explaining the new ticket fare system. I put it aside to read another time. I am dreading its being translated into English. The VGN website has not updated the English page (which gives the impression that you have to be unmarried to use a TagesTicket Solo:

Getting around on your own

Singles will find the “TagesTicket Solo” indispensable. For only 4,20 € you can enjoy whole-day travel in Nürnberg-Fürth-Stein.

Purchase of a ticket on Saturday qualifies you for free Sunday-travel as well. This means that you enjoy additional free travel on Sunday without paying one cent extra.

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