Exciting crime in Fürth/Baumfrevel

In case anyone’s missed it, a tree attacker has been at work in this area – in four areas in fact – partially sawing through about sixty young trees in December – which has now come to light. The tool used was apparently a Japanese hand saw, which makes slender cuts. In Germany you can see the contribution on the quer TV programme, where a number of people were interviewed in the Stadtpark, and one town worker speculated that anyone who killed all these trees probably hates trees because his or her family members were killed by trees falling on them. More convincing was the forensic psychologist’s idea that it was possibly someone who worked for the town(s), possibly with responsibility for the trees, was then sacked and feels powerless, compensating by damaging trees.
Picture and commentaries on the quer blog (one of the commenters even remembers someone who was moved from a position in Nuremberg after a public outcry following a removal of trees on the Wörder See).

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