German news in English/Deutsche Nachrichten auf Englisch

1. Volcano

Apparently the Daily Mail has been stirring up fears that a volcano in Germany is about to erupt and cover Europe in ash.

Tabloid Watch: Mail removes scaremongering article about volcano

Englische Zeitung weckt weltweit Angst vor Laacher-See-Vulkan

Auch andere ausländische Medien sind auf den britischen Zug aufgesprungen. Zeitungen und Internetportale in Rumänien, Italien, Frankreich, Griechenland, der Schweiz, Norwegen und sogar in den Arabischen Emiraten berichten über den gefährlichen deutschen „Super-Vulkan“ unter dem Laacher See.

Mind you, something very similar appeared in Der Spiegel five years ago.

2. German-Iranian friction boosts Bratwurst prices, The Local

In shock news for Germans everywhere, the sausage industry is feeling the rising cost of importing sheep intestines from Iran, leading Nürnberger Bratwurst producer Claus Steiner told The Local on Friday.

Sheep intestinal lining – a key ingredient in making the sausage – is largely imported from Iran, which has a 500-year history of trading animal by-products. But this may change, as the price of sheep gut has almost tripled in the past 18 months.

A year and a half ago 90 metres of intestinal lining, enough to encase about 1,000 delicious bratwursts, cost just €6.30. But now the same length costs a whopping €17.20 – an alarming price hike that sausage-loving Germans may feel come barbecue season.

And you thought it was all about nuclear weapons. I’m not sure that boosts is the right word in the headline.

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