Archbishop of Canterbury on German TV (ZDF news): ‘Not everyone appreciates how genuinely funny the Queen can be’.
ZDF interpreter: ‘Die Königin kann sehr lustig sein – das kommt nicht bei allen gut an’. I have the same problem.

It seems less than 60 years since we celebrated the Coronation at my junior school. That’s probably because it is only 59 years.

The Local reports:

…perhaps the highlight of Germany’s ambassadorial celebrations will be Sunday’s Rhine flotilla, where 800 “Anglophile Rhinelanders” will join Ambassador Simon McDonald aboard the MS Rheinfantasie as she sails towards Düsseldorf.

They and others aboard more boats will take cucumber sandwiches and tea as the Queen herself simultaneously enjoys a similar naval parade on the Thames.

Curses! I have no cucumber. And no bread either. I have got some home-made scotch quails’ eggs (perhaps that should be quails’ scotch eggs – I think they were French quails, and the sausage meat was Franconian). Highly recommended.

Here’s a display of stuff to make your Jubilee cakes. Not sure what the Dr. Oetker gelatine is doing there – not very patriotic, I say.

I expect British Corner Shop will be selling these off cheap soon.

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