The Role of Legal Translation in Legal Harmonization/Buch

Wildy’s are selling The Role of Legal Translation in Legal Harmonization, edited by C.J.W. Baaij. I’m glad to see the alternative spelling, as I fear the EU Style Guide is trying to force us all to write ‘harmonisation’ – even in Alicante they have abandoned their hold-out.

There are nine contributors. I can’t find out much about it, but it must surely be the result of the conference of the same name (see earlier entry), held in Amsterdam in January 2011. To quote Wildy’s (typos corrected):

They examine both the potential and limitations of legal translation in the context of the developments of a single but multilingual EU Legal language. Among the many issues that arise for in-depth analysis in the course of the discussion are the following:-

defining ‘drafting quality’;
translating legal concepts belonging to specific legal systems;
EU Policies on harmonization of national contract laws;
legal uniformity vs. uniformity of interpretation and application;
the effect of full harmonization clauses;
proportion between general language vocabulary and legal terminology; and
role of English in the EU and the aims of the EU institutions.

I don’t think I’ll have time to read this in a hurry. I’m sure there’s some interesting stuff in it though.

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