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This LawTermFinder homepage gives access to an online termbank of words and phrases frequently used in Australian Family Law. Its compilation is a joint project between the Attorney General’s Department and Macquarie University’s TermFinder group, in the Centre for Language Sciences. Legal consultants to the project are from Macquarie Law School, the ANU College of Law, and a specialist family law practice in Sydney, Dettmann Longworth Lawyers.

The termbank’s pages give you accessible definitions of terms used in family law and in mediation services. There are examples of each term in use, taken from recognised sources. Where possible, diagrams are shown of clusters of terms whose meanings are interconnected. There are linked audio-recordings of the definitions, and links to legal documents for those seeking more information.

You can enter terms and get definitions, example sentences and related terminology, sometimes with further links both internal and external. I tried best interests, contact, and mediation.


(family law)

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Grammar: noun
plural: contacts
Definition: a legal arrangement by which a child can communicate and spend time with the parent they do not live with
1. The Court should endeavour to ensure that any case with orders providing for supervised contact in a Children’s Contact Service is relisted as soon as possible before an appropriate judicial officer.

2. Recently, there has been increasing emphasis on the need to recognise the costs of contact of non-resident parents who have ongoing and regular contact with their children.
Related Compound: contact arrangements, contact parent, contact visit, supervised contact, contact order
Usage Note: The term “contact” as used in the 1995 amendments was replaced by “time with” in the 2006 amendments to the Family Law Act.

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