Germans in London

The Evening Standard has an article on Where to eat and drink like a German in London (the days of Schmidt’s German restaurant have long gone – I didn’t realize Donald MacLean spent his last night there before going to the Soviet Union).

And also Ich bin ein Londoner: the Germans are coming – and a lot of them are already here

The echoes of historic Anglo-German entanglements ring oddly through this affinity. To put it bluntly, today’s London attracts a lot of people whose forebears were once part of a much less charming offensive. A current prominent member of the Germano-Londoner pack is Isabelle (Bella) Ribbentrop, head of corporate communication at Pictet and Cie, the private Swiss bank, who is married to a descendant of Hitler’s foreign minister.

English private education is one of the big draws — Germans have become the largest non-Asian group in Britain’s independent schools, not least because of the school uniforms. Another is doing things they can’t do at home, such as mowing the lawn outside approved hours or making a pile in hedge funds, which aren’t legal in Germany.

That’s a cheap knock about the uniform, and not correct either.

I love Denglish. For German expats in London:

With InterNations, German expats in London are able to find the help that they need as well as lots of valuable information. Our community supports you take advantage of your stay in The “Big Smoke”, as the city is caringly called.

Meanwhile, Konstantin has decided he’s staying.

I don’t seem to have a football tag (come on Dortmund).

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