Ron Pattinson in Franconia

It’s been pointed out to me that Ron Pattinson has been down my way, and in fact as a beer lover (who eschews taking notes) he visits Franconia every year. Mind you,
Franconia day six looks a bit like Munich. I wonder if his downloadable little ePub book on Bavaria includes Franconia? I think when it comes to beer, Franconia needs its own book.
Anyway, scroll back for the earlier days of Franconia, starting with What I did on my hols:

It wasn’t a particularly long or complicated trip. Four nights in Ebermannstadt and one in Munich. A day at Annafest, one in Bamberg and another at the Kellers of Buttenheim. A return to places I love, beers that quench and a peace to be cherished.

I love Lager. Annually renewing that love has become part of the rhythm of my life. It’s not about drinking the rarest, oddest or strongest beer. But about reconnecting with the gloriously simple Franconian approach to beer. Where drinking a beer with your breakfast evokes no condemnatory glances. Where the beer isn’t trying to show off and the food not straining to be clever and quirky and new. Where there’s time to just sit and enjoy life, watching it meander past like lazy brook.

There wasn’t a beer I didn’t enjoy, though one really sated my thirst for Lager’s perfect simplicity: Neder Export. Sublimely drinkable.

With thanks to Trevor.

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