Songs of George Burns sung by Scots in Fürth

I intended to leave this topic (see recent entry) but now see that the Burns Night festivities in Fürth took place later than I thought. Photos of the event.

Das Bühnenprogramm bot den Zuschauern jede Menge Abwechslung. Jenni Heron sang zum Beispiel Lieder von George Burns.

It’s a long time since I’ve thought about George Burns, who died in 1996. Apparently he was born Nathan Birnbaum, not a very Scottish name.

But I do remember Jenni Heron, not only as a member of Nuremberg’s Scottish Vorzeigefamilie, but as a member of the cast of one of the wonderful musicals put on by the US forces when they were still in Fürth and the base had the biggest military court outside the USA and a small theatre called Stage 13 in Building 13 (all now demolished or converted into flats). One missed the exciting murder trials and the singing and dancing in a small and cavernous theatre.

Some kind of successor to Stage 13 apparently exists, albeit with a British spelling, presenting pantomimes: Theatre 13. And there have been English-language carol services in Erlangen featuring the unfortunately named choir SING A-MOLL.

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