Cricket in Germany

The rules of the Howzat? in The Local.

Details of the organization of clubs in Germany can be found in Wikipedia.

This is a rather thin post, but further reading can be found in André Leslie: Batting for Berlin – the author is an Australian cricketer who moved to Berlin.

This charming tale uncovers Aussie André’s well-meaning but often failed attempts at integrating into German life and his successful completion of the first ever German cricket tour of India, as he becomes one of Germany’s most noted cricketers and first TV cricket commentator. Anyone who can explain the silly mid-on field position to an audience of extremely literal-minded Germans is doing well.

And then there’s Field of Shadows: The Remarkable True Story of the English Cricket Tour of Nazi Germany, 1937. By Dan Waddell. (Economist article Herr Howzat). The Reichssportführer, Hans von Tschammer und Osten, invited the MCC to play in Germany in 1937.

Some skilled detective work by Dan Waddell, an occasional crime-writer, reveals this unlikely story in an eccentric and improbably entertaining short book.

Some pictures in this BBC article.

One thought on “Cricket in Germany

  1. I’m sure back then the British cricket team was probably “all-white” or else the German Reichssportfuehrer would not have invited them. Hitler is said to have fretted about colored athletes winning gold medals and him then having to shake their hands as he presided over the Berlin Olympics. As an aside: I never understood neither baseball nor cricket …

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