Mass mailing

Did anyone else get one of these?

I really loved your blog!

My name is XXX and I am a partner at YYY. We are looking to solve the pains and frustrations of the translation industry through training, consultancy and our flagship TMS software solution.

Currently, we are looking to deliver amazing content and insights from thought leaders to our growing customer platform. And once we saw your amazing blog we couldn’t stop thinking about getting in touch with you to see if there are potential ways to collaborate.

It would be great to set up a short chat with you to explore synergies! Just let me know when it would be a good time for you if you are up for it.

Would love to hear back from you.
Take care,

I think it’s usually etiquette not to reply to emails, for instance job offers, which are not addressed personally to oneself, although actually I did reply to XXX (in the negative) here.

3 thoughts on “Mass mailing

  1. What an oddly worded mailing! There are many of us with ‘pains and frustrations’ who would certainly ‘be up for it’ or – as they used to say at my old school – ‘game for getting down to it’, but even thinking thought leaders should be hyphenated, a sentence (unless biblical) shouldn’t start with ‘And’, plus there should be ways of collaborating, rather than to collaborate. Never mind about ‘exploring synergies’ – with my blocked beak, it is my sinus that needs exploring. Back to the second half at the Allianz Stadion in Munich….

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