Words to Deeds Conference 2017

The Words to Deeds Conference, subtitled Legal Translation to the Next Level, was held in Gray’s Inn last Saturday. Many thanks to Juliette Scott for organizing the whole thing so elegantly and thoughtfully.
I have no intention of reviewing the conference. I did, when I first started this blog, review the ATA legal conference in New York, and I realized afterwards that it was a bad idea – you would never have time to analyse and describe all the contributions, you would be bound to leave something important out, and if you did produce something of the appropriate detail, it would be so long that nobody would read it.

Please note in my photo how tasteful the stationery was, and what you probably can’t see: all the pencils were sharpened by hand. You will find video clips on Youtube on how to sharpen a pencil by knife.

However, I will write something about some thoughts I had in discussions, in a following post.

2 thoughts on “Words to Deeds Conference 2017

  1. Thanks for the report, Margaret, and congrats on making it to the conference in the first place.

    I pray that, though it was held at Gray`s Inn, none of the delegates – as Gray’s Bar students and pupils used to be at dining – was challenged to stand up and recite a literary, poetic or legal offering.

  2. Yes, thanks for the congrats – I had to get up at 6 am, as the conference started at 8.30! When I left home, the cat had gone back to bed instead of continuing to scrounge. I don’t think I’ve attended anything in Central London on Saturday before 10.

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