Draußen nur Kaninchen – miscellaneous

1.A thread on Twitter had English speakers recount their mistakes speaking German. Two of them had understood Kännchen Kaffee as Kaninchen Kaffee. Another remembered being in a restaurant and saying Die Reinigung bitte. There was also a request for Ein Glas Leistungswasser – no one mentioned that you would be looked at oddly in Germany even if you asked for Leitungswasser. There was a request for a Crevettenhalter. And someone used to nod to indicate she understood the other speaker even if she could not speak so well; later she replaced the nod by saying Ich verstecke.

2. The German American Law Journal (American edition) reports that a German court recently held that it is OK for tax purposes in Germany for invoices to be in electronic form. I still have two clients who want paper invoices rather than PDFs. Let’s see if this changes now. Invoicing Germany – AirMail or EMail

A customer had claimed a right of retention based on the alleged insufficiency of an emailed scan of an invoice, arguing that only the original could render the invoice due and payable. The Aachen District Court disagreed and on January 9, 2018 issued its de­cision under docket number 41 O 44/17, available in German from the North-Rhine-West­fa­lia justice portal. The court lists the applicable tax regulations as well as court de­ci­si­ons including a 2017 ruling by the Supreme Court for Tax Matters.


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  1. I’ve been sending out translation chits for more than a decade, and Even in Spain™ no one’s ever demanded a paper one. My good friend Donald agrees with me that Germany is stuck in a time warp – I mean, look how little they charge for their cars. Bad, very bad.

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