Tatort in Franconia

The latest Tatort, on March 1, was set in Nuremberg and Fürth. I think there have been several but I have only glimpsed a bit till now. I watched the whole of this one. It’s available on the Mediathek until the end of August 2020.

Die Nacht gehört Dir

The music was done very well – see link above for details, including Fratres by Arvo Pärt.

The bizarre thing to me was that we saw a bit of Fürth but Fürth wasn’t mentioned. The whole setup was seen as greater Nuremberg. The flat where the victim lived was in Hornschuchpromenade, the street where the original railway used to run, now with big trees all along it and magnificent buildings on both sides (the other side is Königswärtersstraße). The interior scenes were not shot there. There were a lot of scenes, too many perhaps, of people driving along the Fürther Straße from Nuremberg to Fürth and back. There was also a flat near Jakobinenstraße. The Hauptmarkt in Nuremberg, the castle and Plärrer were shown. Better weather than we have now.

4 thoughts on “Tatort in Franconia

  1. Are those fond memories then? I’ve been to Nürnberg only once in my life, hoping to visit the toy museum (only to find it closed). Just to kill time between trains we went to see Soylent Green instead. Thinking of it still gives me the creeps. It was quite a challenge for my husband who didn’t know a word of German. Afterwards he mastered a complete German sentence that he often repeated (‘Soylent Green ist Menschenfleisch!’) He was also stunned that the Pastroral Symphony was actually by Beethoven and not by some Brit, although he’d only ever heard it in an English advert for a toilet cleaner before. Which doesn’t really have anything to do with Fürth, although I wonder how long it takes by car these days (the very first railway took 12 or 13 minutes in 1835). Sorry to be OT. ;-)

  2. Fond memories of Fürth, yes. Time by car varies depending on traffic. The underground takes about 15 minutes but doesn’t take the same route.

  3. Thanks for this, Margaret; I never bothered trying to get German TV here because trying to set it up would be too much for my limited technical abilities. I did notice however that on our new firestick there’s a Tatort channel, and indeed a Bayerisches Fernsehen channel. Happy days, if I can get it to work.

    • I have to say that this was a rather inferior Tatort. I find I am watching less and less and have a growing list of things I should watch or listen to, particularly in this current lockdown period. I have yet to get a firestick, but thanks for the information.

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