Jurist’s Paper Chase links to a video of a press conference at the UN showing the President and the newly-elected prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. Good for broadband /ADSL connections.
There is also a debate on gun control from Harvard, with Eugene Volokh (introduced by Sasha Volokh, both of The Volokh Conspiracy), Alan Dershowitz and Dennis Henigan. This video would be useful practice material for consecutive interpreting.
The Volokh Conspiracy also reports that you can get a robot vacuum cleaner for $199 now in the USA, by Roomba (the Electrolux one, the Trilobite, costs about EUR 1500).
A look around the Web shows Dyson have one too, and Panasonic is working on one. Their performance is widely said to ‘suck’. But I have great hopes of them.