Arrest in Fürth

I read in Blogcritics, who had it from Yahoo news, that a man has been arrested in ‘the southern German town of Fuerth’ (which is where I live) – 8 computers were taken from the house of a 25-year-old ‘computer student’ for ‘using a clone of a Napster file-sharing server to distribute over a million MP3 music files daily to some 3,000 individual users over a period of weeks’.
Incidentally, I hesitate to anglicize Fürth to Fuerth – it seems to me that the UE = Ü practice is a German one. After all, we write Zurich not Zuerich (well, I know that doesn’t prove anything.
The Fuerther Nachrichten is ignorant. It does have an article on local hunters opposing the reform of the hunting law, a subject I was thinking of writing about as a German peculiarity: ‘Die Naturschützer hatten unter anderem gefordert, die Zahl der jagdbaren Tiere auf Rotwild, Damhirsch, Sikahirsch, Reh, Gemse, Mufflon und Wildschwein einzuschränken und die Abschusspläne für so genanntes Schalenwild – dazu zählen alle Huftiere – abzuschaffen. „Diese Forderung dient erkennbar dem Zweck, aus Gründen der Waldwirtschaft das Triebe und Knospen verbeißende Rehwild auszurotten“, so Kretsch.’
(I must find a simple method of marking quotes).
The Nordbayern Infonet is also silent. Yahoo says the report came from Reuters in Berlin. All these papers say is that the football team may move up if it does well against Cologne, and that there is a new technology for cinema advertising being introduced, digital preparation (Wolf Werbung Fürth became RoWo).

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