Court dress in England

Via Jurist’s Paper Chase, I found that a survey is being made to find out whether judges should dress more informally. A consultation paper has just been issued, but before that, a public opinion poll was held. People were shown three pictures of options for court dress, one of them (A) always being current dress. The pictures are bizarre: three each of a (female, Asian? the pictures are dark) barrister, a male criminal judge and a female criminal judge (is their dress not unisex?) and a civil judge, and two of a (black) court clerk. The civil judge is photographed at three distances, so he looks much bigger in the present dress than in the second of the possible dresses. Would this influence voters? In all cases, the wigs are fairly similar to the hair the person already has. I’m guessing that one criminal judge, the man, was a High Court judge, the woman a district judge, and the civil judge was a district judge.

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  1. Well, it isn’t fashionable at all, but if you click the link in the entry above on ‘public opinion poll’, you will get a PDF file, and at the end of that file there are all the pictures.

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