Repetitor 2

More about Repetitor on disLEXia (why is it called disLEXia? I thought it was a reference to law).
Is he the Paul Schneider who died in 1986 and is buried in the Poppelsdorfer Friedhof? Of course, there are other people called Repetitor, but apparently they are usually called Korrepetitor, in English coach (again) or repetiteur, who play the piano and help singers learn their parts.
Frau Klamser’s website is vera nicely written.

8 thoughts on “Repetitor 2

  1. Actually, disLEXia is quite right – the best translation for Repetitor or Repetitorium is ‘crammer’. ‘Coach’ suggests one-to-one assistance, and it may very well refer to the repetiteur who coaches opera singers and so on.

  2. Why dilLEXia? A friend recently told me he always finds new ways to interpret this name. Dislexia, problems of technologists with laws, cluelessneess of the law crowd on technical matters, constant misunderstanding between the fractions …

  3. QED (‘dilLEXia’). It’s a good name, though. And I had forgotten the ‘laws, lies, legal research and the internet’.

    Ehrengrab is one of those cultural differences, I think. See entry.

    • It doesn’t appear to be available online. Sites to search are German Law Archive (in sidebar), (newer) and the weblog Carob (sidebar, link to German laws in English at top right). It must exist in print, though.

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