Schon deshalb/If only because

I was asked in a comment on the .. thread whether I would not normally have asked this in FLEFO, the CompuServe translators’ forum. The truth is that if I have a translation query I have to turn to somewhere where there is more than one person who might help. There are large numbers of mailing lists. Here is a question I posted on two mailing lists of networks of the British ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting):

bq. I am never happy with my rendering of schon deshalb. Can anyone suggest a good rendering? Here is an example:
An dieser Voraussetzung fehlt es hier schon deshalb, weil in dem Werbespot – insoweit vergleichbar einem Titelblatt – lediglich darauf aufmerksam gemacht wurde, daß sich die beworbene Zeitungsbeilage inhaltlich mit Marlene Dietrich als einer Person der Zeitgeschichte befaßt.

bq. Draft translation:
This requirement is not fulfilled in the present case if only because it was merely pointed out in the commercial that the newspaper supplement in question deals with Marlene Dietrich as a figure of contemporary history; here, it is similar to a title page.Suggestions fell into two groups: 1) for the specific reason that, precisely because, the prime reason being, on these grounds alone, for this reason alone, , for the very reason
and 2) one reason being, firstly, in the first place, for one reason, not least because
of which I lean towards the second.
I have also thought of ‚not only’.

I’ve now encountered the same problem yet again:
Eine derartige Aufteilung der Vergütungspflicht würde schon deswegen der gesetzlichen Regelung zuwiderlaufen, weil im Gesetz feste Vergütungssätze vorgesehen sind.

Must write down a list of this kind of language used by the courts, with English equivalents, one day.

Where else could I have asked? There are other translation forums but they are either too quiet or too noisy. In the old days FLEFO would have helped.

There is a German translators’ mailing list called pt (originally partnertrans) at, and at there is a list called legaltranslators (very quiet though). There is Alexander von Obert’s u-forum (and see the list of other lists there).
There is LANTRA-L, very big indeed (at that site I see there is still a book review I did on Translation and the Law, edited by Marshall Morris). And there’s a UseNet group, sci.lang.translation – here’s an FAQ, very out of date. And it looks as if you can access the group from the WWW here – but no guarantee.

I usually read newsgroups with Agent newsreader.

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