Ehekarussell / Fountain in Nuremberg

It’s very hot at the moment. Here are three pictures of the Ehekarussell or Hans-Sachs-Brunnen in Nuremberg, by Jürgen Weber, showing different stages of marriage. Photos taken on July 9th.




Here are some more pictures and part of the text of Hans Sachs’ poem.

The poem is called ‘Das bittersüße eheliche Leben’ – Bittersweet Married Life (dated 1541). There’s a complete version here – scroll down (in German).

Gott sei gelobet und geehrt
der mir ein frumb Weib hat beschert
Mir der ich zwei und zweinzig Jahr
gehaust hab, Gott gab länger gar
Wiewohl sich in mein ehlig Leben
had Süß und Saures oft begeben

God be praised and honoured
who has given me a god-fearing wife
with whom I have lived for twenty-two years
God gave me (?) even longer
Although in my married life
both sweet and sour have often happened

‘My wife’ is heaven and hell, devil and angel, peace and strife.

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