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This is just an addendum to the Austrian Law Resources.

There are three main sites I would normally search if I couldn’t find anything else on a foreign jurisdiction. I am actually looking for materials that would help me translate, but I suppose those materials are similar to those a lawyer looks for.

I didn’t scour them for Austrian law because I had not been very successful anywhere with Austrian law in the past (except at the Bundeskanzleramt site, already quoted).

One is Hieros Gamos. There you can select ‘Law for 230 countries’ and see how you get on.

Another is Findlaw. Here, you choose ‘Foreign and International’ (it’s very useful for U.S. states too), and then ‘Individual countries’. Here is the page of links for Austria.

The third site is It has some excellent summaries of (not only) foreign law in English. Although it is not updated very frequently since Sabrina Pacifici began her weblog, beSpacific, its contents are still online. However, I found nothing useful for Austrian law. For Germany, inter alia they have Martina Kammer’s German Business and Commercial Laws: Guide to Translations into English and Select Auxiliary Sources, dated 2000. And here’s an entry for Switzerland (contains a few Germanisms), but that may be a subject for another day.

However, it’s always worth doing a Google (or possibly Alltheweb or other) search. Some universities will have good materials in German or English.

Another more recent site is WorldLII, following the successfull AustLII (Australasian Legal Information Institute) and BaiLII (British and Irish Information Institute) – any of these sites give links to the others and more. Unfortunately, WorldLII’s Europe page has got no further than BaiLII.

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