Witty opinion

Witty opinion (or judgment, as we would say in England), from a U.S. district court in Texas. From the National Review Online. But it was recommended by a new weblog with a touch of irony, sophoristically speaking, (or actually The Sophorist) ‘observations from an ozarks attorney on life, law, and liberty’.

Here is a quote:

bq. The Court cannot even begin to comprehend why this case was selected for reference. It is almost as if Plaintiff’s counsel chose the opinion by throwing long range darts at the Federal Reporter (remarkably enough hitting a nonexistent volume!). And though the Court often gives great heed to dicta from courts as far flung as those of Manitoba, it finds this case unpersuasive.

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  1. Dank fur die Verbindung!

    Ich spreche nur deutsches wenig, weil ich hatte zwei Jahre des Deutschen in der Universität.

    Bester Respekt,


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