Notaries Public in Florida

Here is a nice list of all the things a notary public in Florida is not allowed to do, at the Florida Governor’s Office.

bq. Translate the phrase “Notary Public” into a language other than English in an advertisement for notarial services. §117.05(11).
Attest to the trueness of a photocopy of a public record if a copy can be made by another public official. §117.05(12)(a).
Use a name or initial in signing certificates other than that by which the notary public is commissioned. §117.107(1).
Sign a blank form of affidavit or certificate of acknowledgment. §117.107(3).
Take the acknowledgment of a person who is blind until the notary public has read the instrument to such person. §117.107(5).
Take the acknowledgment of a person who does not speak or understand the English language, unless the nature and effect of the instrument to be notarized is translated into a language which the person does understand. §117.107(6).
Change anything in a written instrument after it has been signed by anyone. §117.107(7).
Other prohibited acts:
Do not notarize a photograph.
Do not notarize a copy of a birth certificate, or any other vital record or public record.
Do not certify a translation of a document from one language into another.

It seems that translating the term notary public into Spanish in particular may inflate the importance of the job.

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