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On Saturday 12th July I spent the day in Munich at a seminar on translating contracts (I’m not sure how long that link will continue to work) held by Barbara Müller-Grant, a U.S. interpreter and translator from Wiesbaden. She doesn’t seem to have a website (yes she has), but can be found in the database at There were at least three Austrians there, two of whom had come specially from Vienna. Hence the question as to how to ‘translate’ the Austrian court names into English – I will deal with that soon in a separate entry, but I did start by listing resources for Austrian law.

There were about 30 people in the audience. Most of the time we had a general discussion based on a number of authentic German and (U.S.) English documents.

I don’t intend to appropriate all the material in that seminar, but one or two interesting things came up. I made a list and intend to research some of the questions that occurred to me.

2 thoughts on “Translation seminar

  1. I – and maybe others who didn’t know about or couldn’t attend the seminar – would like to hear about the interesting US/UK? things that came up. That is assuming the info is neither classified, nor copyrighted.

  2. Point taken. I will ask Barbara, but I can’t imagine there’s a problem. Then I’ll try to post a list. Not that there was anything world-shatteringly surprising that came up.

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