German courts in English texts

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This is my latest idea about handling the names of German courts in translations.
It only matters where the court name is important.

The German name has to be mentioned at least once.

Some of these suggestions are expansions of the Auswärtiges Amt suggestions.

F = first mention
L = later mentions

System 1

F Local court of first instance (Amtsgericht)
L Local court

F Regional court of first instance (Landgericht)
L Regional court
If the Landgericht is acting as an appellate court, then just Regional court throughout

F Higher regional court of appeal (Oberlandesgericht) *
L Higher regional court
If the Oberlandesgericht is acting as a court of first instance, then just Higher regional court throughout

Federal Court of Justice

System 2

F Amtsgericht (lower trial court OR local court of first instance)
L Amtsgericht

F Landgericht (higher trial court OR regional court of first instance)
L Landgericht

F Oberlandesgericht (intermediate court of appeal OR Higher regional court of appeal)
L Oberlandesgericht

EITHER Federal Court of Justice OR Bundesgerichtshof

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