Verleumdung – it’s a crime!

I am fascinated by the terminology questions at I haven’t looked at the job offers. The funny thing about the terminology queries is that if you ask a question, you get to choose the winner and award them, say, 4 KudoZ (sic – presumably a plural). There are also BrowniZ, and there are even dollars, but I have none of those. If someone posts an answer, you can get some benefit by agreeing, or even disagreeing with it. The question is, can the person who asked the question tell the difference between good and bad answers?

It’s well worth trying out if you have a really difficult question, because there are some good people there and they will do a lot of work, very fast, to help you.

I recently dropped my pseudonym Zirbelholz and outed myself with my real name. But I am a bit miffed to get this comment on an answer of mine (I don’t know how long this link will be valid):

bq. Comment: Yikes!!! Verleumdung is a TORT, NOT AN OFFENSE

(there followed four exclamation marks, but Movable Type didn’t like those, or maybe it was HTML).

One thought on “Verleumdung – it’s a crime!

  1. I see what you mean about picking the wrong answer on The asker of variable income v. equity voted for an investment banker answer to equities (i.e. variable-dividend! stocks and shares)but not the more plausible one of fixed equity share capital.

    I liked your Verleumdung explanation and also pour scorn on the ridiculous Am.-spelt (criminal v. civil) ‘offense’ point.

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