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The Guardian gives top marks to EuroSavant, the blog of a multilingual American living in Amsterdam who offers a personal view of the latest news stories in a number of countries, including Hungary and Poland:

bq. I’ve picked up some European languages. With this great tool of the Internet – and my UPC/Chello broadband cable hook-up – I can read the various publications put up on the Net in those languages. It’s likely that this cannot be said of hardly any of the other webloggers out there, as excellent as some of them may be.

A recent entry on Belgium has a puzzling entry on the colour names given to the Belgian government:

bq. About that new Belgian governing coalition, La Derniere Heure reports (in an article that also lists all the new ministers, for those interested) that although the new government will be headed just like the last one was by Guy Verhofstad, this new one will be the “violet” government whereas the last was called “arch-into-the-sky” (arc-en-ciel).

To be fair, the blogger was probably in Poland and the time and didn’t have a French-English dictionary to hand. (Thanks, Pete!)

The blog is very well designed, easy to navigate, with lists of all its sources (mainly online newspapers for each country). It’s an ambitious project for one person, though. Still, while he’s been travelling, he has been posting less than usual.

Europundits is a group blog.

Here is an article (for journalists) on online news in Europe, with a lot of links.

Bruce Blawer presents links to weblogs all over Western Europe, superimposed on a map (well, Iceland was better placed than the rest for me).

And yet another possibility for those wanting behind-the-scenes news from Europe would be to use a newsreader and subscribe to English-language blogs from the locals.

6 thoughts on “Europe weblogs

  1. Sie waren früher dabei, Herr Langenhan. Beschämenderweise habe ich es mir über Ihr Link damals schon angeschaut, und mich damals entschlossen, nichts zu schreiben. Dann habe ich vergessen, wo ich es zuerst las, und als die Guardian es nochmal so sehr lobte, habe ich es doch gepostet.

  2. I have the feeling this EuroSavant guy just doesn’t get out much. There are plenty of bi- and trilingual (and more) bloggers in the world.

  3. The opposite of “Name is Destiny”? How about “Name is simply he who reserves the domain-name first”?

    Aber Frau Marks! Mein EuroSavantblog ist zwar immer empfehlenswert, ungeachtet dessen, was die Guardian darüber schreiben will! Nach meiner eignen Meinung, mindestens . . .


  4. Ok, Herr Mao, tut mir leid wegen der Meckerei, Ihr Blog ist sehr hübsch aufgebaut und hat einiges vor – viel Erfolg damit!

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