Maori-style restorative justice for Britain?

Keeping on the New Zealand theme, the Independent has an article on the use of a traditional Maori style of justice to deal with juvenile offenders, successful in New Zealand and apparently to be tried in Britain.

bq. As Saga Manu, a Samoan who is one of Porirua’s youth justice co-ordinators, explains: “Where I come from, we don’t go to the police. If my son commits a crime against you, then your family seeks restitution from mine. It’s up to the families and the village elders to sort it.”

I found this via the UK Criminal Justice Weblog.

I can’t help feeling that traditional Maori, Tongan and Samoan society is different from ours. Would it help in the latest Nuremberg incident? In the empty streets in the remains of the Nazi party rally grounds, youths have been racing souped-up cars at night. Up to a thousand people have been watching, and the police have removed 30 cars and 50 driving licences. On Saturday, a 15-year-old pedestrian was run over and killed by a 27-year-old driving a Golf at 120 kph. Here’s an article (in German).

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