Open Day for Ancient Monuments / Tag des offenen Denkmals

This was on 21st September.
(all pictures: click to enlarge)

Das Lochnersche Gartenhaus – Daniel Lochner’s summer house (villa? manor house?)
When it was enlarged in 1700, it was surrounded by gardens and fields. Lochner was a priest who had two huge baroque gardens in Fürth. Now it’s surrounded by houses, but it is being restored (more like rebuilt).
You can see the tower (onion dome to be replaced), one of the round tower windows from inside, and some wall painting from the second floor showing a cow (left) and a waterfall (right). In September 2004 it will be possible to see the walls after restoration.




During excavations, the local archaeology group found two baroque wells. They were quickly investigated and some finds were shown in a glass case. After about ten days they were filled up again – the dig had reached an unpromising layer of sludge.



There is more (in German) at the site of the Altstadtverein.

The well is a Bodendenkmal. Romain’s law dictionary DE>EN has ancient monument found in the ground. It sounds a bit clumsy, but ancient monument is correct – the term normally refers to uninhabited structures and can include things like wells:

bq. By definition an ancient monument may be any building, structure or work (above or below ground), any cave or excavation, or the remains thereof; also included are sites comprising vehicles, vessels or aircraft. A schedule of such monuments is drawn up and maintained by the Secretary of State for the Environment.

Listed buildings tend to be inhabited. Other vocabulary: preservation order, conservation area, building preservation notice.

The German Länder (states) have Acts for the protection of ancient monuments (Denkmalschutzgesetze). They define Baudenkmäler (buildings), Bodendenkmäler (found in the ground), and bewegliche Denkmäler (hmm – movables).

And then there are Ensembles – can they be called ensembles in English? – groups of buildings that form a whole.

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