Guantanamo Bay: ATA on lack of Arabic translators

Since the September 11th attacks, there has been a lot of talk about the U.S. not having enough translators and interpreters for Arabic and other ‘terrorist’ languages, and now this is in the news in connection with Guantanamo Bay, familiarly known as Gitmo (16 languages).

In this connection, the American Translators Association (ATA) has had national U.S. TV appearances by its PR co-Chair Kevin Hendzel (of ASET).

These can be seen online or downloaded via the ATA website (streaming audio and video).

One thought on “Guantanamo Bay: ATA on lack of Arabic translators

  1. Maybe if the US Military there stopped arresting and detaining Arabic and other lang. interpreters and translators as suspected spies and saboteurs, there’d be more response to the recruitment drive.
    Recruits should also be given the same (blanket) immunity as the US is craving from International Criminal Court prosecution.
    Can’t have it both ways..

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