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Denise Howell reports a new blog. The author is Andis Kaulins, a German of Latvian descent (see some Latvian tartans – I thought tartans were purely Scottish). He studied law in the USA and practiced as a lawyer there for many years, and he has taught Anglo-American Law Legal Research and Legal Writing (I’m not sure where the commas should go) in the law faculty at the University of Trier. He has a website and a blog, LawPundit. (Irritating clock follows your mouse cursor).

ADDED LATER: My snotty remark about the clock in the last line was unexpectedly effective, and the clock has now been removed (perhaps you would have liked it!)

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  1. Well, we do not want to irritate anyone needlessly. As every good writer and translator knows, you have to pay attention to your audience. I removed the clock. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Well, I did not realize there would be such an interest in tartans (called terpi or terpins, diminutive form in Latvian). There is an expensive two-volume publication (ca. 300 pages per volume) by Jana Seta, Riga, 1995 entitled “Latviesu Tautas Terp” (translated in the book as Latvian National Costumes) showing hundreds of color photos of Latvian “tartans”. Latvian tartans, just as those in Scotland are particular to a given region and many of the patterns are in fact quite similar to those found in Scotland. Latvians also have bagpipes, but these were never further developed beyond the primitive stage. The tartans show the ancient Indo-European connection between now culturally and geographically separated peoples. The Baltic Shop has an identically titled book which is not the same – but probably as good at

  3. Good Morning
    My name is Blaise, I used to live in Berlin. I would like to have my criminal records, Immigration Canada ask it. What can I do?

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  4. Dear Sir,
    My name is Dr. Olumuyiwa Olugbolahan OLUSANYA.
    I was a Medical student at the University of Koln from 1959 to 1967 and left Koln in 1969 to return to Nigeria. I lived at Luxenburger Strasse 40.
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    Please let me know urgently what I need to do to obtain this police report.

  5. The Director, Central Register of Criminal Offences,
    My name is Olumuyiwa Olugbolahan Olusanya I lived in Koln from 1959 to 1969 during which time I was a Medical Student at the University of Koln. The U.S. National Visa Center requires information about my criminal records, if any, while I was in Germany from you as part of the process for approving a U.S. resident visa for me.
    How do I go about obtaining this information?
    Best regards,

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