German Law Journal

A new issue of the German Law Journal is online.

They are publishing to a larger audience free of charge and would like to continue to do so. They would be interested in advice on potential funders.

I will paste the table of contents:

German Law Journal
Vol. 4 No. 11 (1 November 2003)

Table of Contents

Public Law
Religious Tolerance, Pluralist Society and the Neutrality of the State: The
Federal Constitutional Court’s Decision in the Headscarf Case, by Matthias

Procedural Fairness in a Militant Democracy: The “Uprising of the De-cent”
Fails Before the Federal Constitutional Court, by Thilo Rensmann

Private Law
An Economic Analysis of Consumer Protection in Contract Law, by Stefan Haupt

European & International Law
The extradition of nationals: Comments on the extradition request for
Fujimori, by Arnd Düker

Review Essay ­ Bruno de Witte’s Ten Reflections on a Constitutional Treaty
for Europe, by Alicja Magdalena Herbowska and Carlos Hernández Ferreiro

Legal Culture
Article ­ California’s Holocaust Victim Insurance Relief Act and American
Preemption Doctrine, by Libby Adler

Book Review – Reflections on the Influences of German Administrative Law on
the Concept of Reasonableness in South African Law – a review of
Un-reasonableness as a Ground of Judicial Review in South Africa ­
Consti-tutional Challenges for South Africa’s Administrative Law, by Geo

Book Review – Christina Möller, Völkerstrafrecht und Internationaler
Strafgerichtshof ­ kriminologische, straftheoretische und rechtspoliti-sche
Aspekte, by Christian Maierhöfer

Book Review ­ Stefan Griller (ed.), International Economic Governance and
Non-Economic Concerns: New Challenges for the International Legal Order, by
Tristan Baumé

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  1. Dear Mrs Marks,

    thank you very much for this initiative. I was not aware of this before. Did you, if I may ask, receive feedback for this posting, also with regard to the introductory remark,

    sincerely Yours

    Co-Editor in Chief, German Law Journal
    University of Frankfurt

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