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I mentioned Corp Law Blog recently on a language issue, among and between. Having described this as ‘the most trivial issue ever discussed on Corp Law Blog’, Mike had to publish a retraction the next day:

bq. Yesterday I discussed what I thought was “The Most Trivial Issue Ever Discussed on Corp Law Blog” — the use of “among” and “between” when referring to contracting parties. Judging by the volume of email I’ve received on this post, either the issue isn’t that trivial or Corp Law Blog readers love trivia. As one reader correctly predicted:

bq. I suspect you might get more mail on this “trivial” subject than on other, more weighty issues; we lawyers like nothing more than discussing language and usage.

Readers quoted Fowler, Garner and the OED.

Today, Corp Law Blog links to two sites of ‘alleged perps’.

Martha Stewart, a household name in the USA in more way than one, was charged with some white-collar crimes, and she apparently set up a website to put herself in a better light. Now one Richard Scrushy, who is in a similar position, has done the same thing.

Corp Law Blog compares:

bq. Whose is better? Scrushy’s site looks like a standard web template with a little tinkering; Martha’s, of course, is a masterpiece of tasteful design. Both sites purport to set the record straight, but Scrushy’s site strains credulity by misleadingly calling itself “News Service.” Martha’s, on the other hand, leaves us with the impression that it’s just her (and her gazillions of fans) talking.

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