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Bettina, of Nicht-alle-Tage-Buch, writes that a Wiki, the Translator Help Wiki, has been started by the TW_Users mailing list. TW deals with Trados Workbench and other translation memory software (but not with Transit). However, the Wiki seems wider than that, although not much has appeared there yet.

For many readers in Germany, who may be wondering what a Wiki is: it’s a collection of knowledge made by a group of people. There are many Wikis on the Internet. One person starts with an outline page, and words are marked to show that the next person who comes along can add to them by starting a new page. I’ve occasionally thought of starting a Wiki here, but I don’t know how many people would join in.

I’ve mentioned JuraWiki before now. That is a German law wiki. There is an English-language wiki called Wikipedia (link not working at the moment) with a German section.

There happens to be a link to ‘What is a wiki?’ in Handakte WebLAWg today.

7 thoughts on “Translator Help Wiki

  1. Hi,

    You say “but not with Transit”, but since the wiki principle is that anybody can not only add new pages but also modify existing ones (on some wikis they set different password levels, though), you can add the missing Transit item yourself VERY quickly. These wikis are probably the most open and collaborative thing that exists on the web.


  2. Yes, of course. The only problem is that I have a whole backlog of other things I mean to do, and describing Transit is not my forte. I will post this on the Transit users list I belong to – maybe someone else will take up the suggestion.

  3. But when I look at it properly, this is the Trados Workbench List wiki, so there isn’t going to be any interest in Transit. I know people can transfer stuff between Trados and Deja Vu, but not Transit. So the omission is natural.

  4. The idea to create a Wiki came up in (or on?) the TRADOS list, but the Wiki is not supposed to be TRADOS-only. I think Transit links should be included by all means. By the way, thanks for the link!

  5. Is it merely a question of links? Then you might as well not bother with a wiki. I will pass this on, but I have had enough of the kind of slanging that goes on between users of various programs.

  6. Margaret, when you say that you can not transfer stuff between Trados and Transit, do you mean memories or working files? If the latter, you are right, but you can transfer Reference material between the two using TMX.

  7. Hi Dominik – your name is familiar. I knew about TMX but wasn’t sure how far it can be used. But that isn’t the point – I don’t need Trados and I just wanted to say that wherever I read about Trados I don’t read about Transit – there are very few translators who discuss both.
    Be that as it may, let’s wait and see how this wiki develops. I’m certainly not the person to put information into it!

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