Translation weblogs and non-weblogs

Robin Stocks has altered the title of Carob to Carob (not a blog).

The question ‘Why not a blog?’ is answered ‘Blogs aren’t written in WinWord’.
If Rebecca Blood and others can handcode their sites, I fail to see why a Word for Windows file can’t be a blog.
Robin has said many things in the past that have made more sense than this!

He has started archiving entries under categories: ‘No Permalinks’.

This does mean that the much older Bonner Übersetzer- und Dolmetscherforum (Bonn translators’ and interpreters’ forum) is a blog, because it’s based on Blogger.

Carob lists a new translation blog, Translation ‘n Stuff (Werner), subtitled ‘Observations on trends in the translation market’. Now who could this possibly be? – is there more than one German translator in Canada with two native languages?

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