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Bettina of Nicht-alle-Tage-Buch describes a comic for young people to appear in January, from the EU parliament, on the topic of water pollution (with picture of a strip). It can be ordered free of charge here. That’s in German. The brochure is 40 pages long and called Trübe Wasser (in English Troubled Waters).

Here is a BBC News article on the subject (January 2003). So this is old news in English. MEP Roger Helmer quotes himself:

bq. Commenting on the launch, East Midlands Euro-MP Roger Helmer said:
“It seems that the European Parliament has found its natural level with the publication of this comic book, stuffed full of self-congratulatory claptrap and Euro-propaganda. Civil servants in the parliament have clearly failed in their duty of political neutrality. I will be demanding to know who authorised this initiative, and how much of our tax-payers’ money has been squandered on it”.

Of course, Belgium has a great history of comic art: Suske en Wiske, Tintin, and apparently even the Smurfs.

LATER NOTE: I misread that: the comic is said to be already available in 11 languages and Bettina has already received her copy.

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  1. Exactly. My cartoon-mad son quite likes it. I enjoyed the pictures of familiar places in Brussels. There are also some (illustrated) explanations about EU terms. If you like comics at all, I should think it’s worth having.

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