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From Rainer Langenhan’s newsletter

Keyword map: enter a word in the lower of the two fields (not ‘web search’) to get a map of associations and combinations of the word. The idea is to help you find other combinations to enter into search engines to find what you’re looking for. Doesn’t handle umlauts.

This site represents the relations between search engines.

Nextlinks at Leipzig University allows you to enter a URL and find similar or related URLs. It’s new, and it concentrates on Germany. – Of course, Leipzig University has a lot more available for terminology work.

4 thoughts on “Search engines

  1. Haven’t gone heavily into it, but it looks like using tilde in Google searches. For example, searching for ‘~trombone food’ eventually serves up trumpets and pâté de foie gras. So why all the fuss about the amount of work required to semanticise the web? Don’t search me.

  2. Transblawg posts re the adaptation of the language used in British novels for the American market and vice versa. This is also a subject that occasionally exercises John of Iberian Notes (2003/10/17, for example), who thinks that it’s time we…

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