College course on building IKEA furniture College course on building IKEA furniture

Slightly off topic: the Independent reports that Northampton College in England is running a short course on how to build IKEA furniture. It lasts three hours and is part of a series for people who are put off by longer courses. However:

bq. The college also considered “Reverse Parking for Women”, “Putting on a Duvet Cover Without Ending up Inside it”, and a specialist course for men, “Ironing Shirts”, before turning to frustrated DIYers.

IKEA apparently welcomed the course. (The college’s website at doesn’t seem to be working at the moment).

The most often quoted entry on Transblawg is ‘Where IKEA gets the names’, and IKEA is currently building the biggest branch in Germany in Fürth, so I feel I have to mention this.

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