Neologisms in German

Carob reports (January 10th), with links and commentary, on a dpa item:

bq. This Thursday, many German newspapers ran a Deutsche Presse-Agentur article headed Von Homoehe bis Babyklappe – Neue Wörter aus den letzten Jahren (‘From Homoehe to Babyklappe: New Words from the Last Decade’).

Particularly interesting is Carob’s information that the word Elchtest was taken over into English as elk test or moose test.

The full report of the Institut für Deutsche Sprache is available as a PDF file (German): Doris Steffens, Nicht nur Anglizismen. Neue Wörter und Wendungen in unserem Wortschatz.

60% of the neologisms were found to be based on other German words.

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