Translator and interpreter in Iraq branded coward

Yet another translator/interpreter is in the news. The Independent writes that Georg-Andreas Pogany has been branded a coward, just as Jessica Lynch was branded a hero. Instead of being sent back for active duty after recovering from stress, he was pilloried by his commanding officer.

According to the Denver Post:

bq. Just when he felt he was recovering, a commander berated him in front of lower-ranking soldiers, telling him “what a (expletive) bag I am and what a (expletive) coward I am,” Pogany said.

The Independent quotes the Denver Post slightly more fully:

bq. According to an account Sgt Pogany gave recently to the Denver Post newspaper, he had begun to implement the army psychologist’s advice and was feeling much better when his commanding officer took the drastic action of branding him a coward. In front of a group of lower-ranking soldiers, the commander told him “what a shit bag I am and what a fucking coward I am”.

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