Dog at the wheel / Er fährt gern Auto

Driving in Bavaria without a licence. /Ohne Führerschein fahren in Bayern.


And here, for those who think it should be cropped even more:


5 thoughts on “Dog at the wheel / Er fährt gern Auto

  1. Looks like you should have cropped the picture a bit Margaret, to get the full effect…..
    Did you take that?


  2. Actually, it is cropped, but I wanted a bit of background. I took it this morning. The man behind is delivering stuff to the Apotheke. After I’d taken a couple of pictures, the dog shifted over to the passenger seat. (Don’t know if you get the reference about driving without a licence…)

  3. Now, that is a sweet sight. I’d definitely prefer him driving without a license [than a certain D. Kuebelboeck somewhere in Bavaria today].

  4. Thanks Margaret – it’s just that, at first glance, it looked like the guy at the side was refuelling – at second glance, of course, he isn’t – my mistake – yes got the reference. He’d probably do a better job than some of the local shortsighted Schwabs round here. The ones in Mercs who come belting out of sideroads in the snow because they can’t seem to get it into their heads that their car might not stop as quickly in such conditions….


  5. Well, both got the Küblböck reference. The other thing is what the pets’ homes say if you want to take a stray dog: ‘Er fährt gut Auto’ (literally ‘He drives well’, but really ‘He doesn’t get sick in the car’!)

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