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Britischer Privatdetektiv erklärt den Beruf.

The Guardian Weblog’s pick of the day is Private Investigator:

bq. I hear so many people ask how to become a Private Investigator or a Private Detective, what does it involve etc. so I thought I would dedicate a blog to this particular field of work. I’ll cover everything you want to know from training, to getting that first Job, to running your own business and to the latest developments in the Industry. Nearly forgot! This is Private Investigation in the UK.

It seems more of an information collection gradually building up than a diary.

One thought on “Private Investigator Blog / Weblog eines Privatdetektivs

  1. Interesting and intriguing articles.

    Also coincides with the tales told by my step-father, an erstwhile Queen’s Household Cavalry Officer standing 6′ 5″ tall, ex-Met Copper and retired Private Investigator & Process-Server from whom I learned as much law as I did from textbooks.

    His size was his main asset e.g. when serving on his own – and amazingly unchallenged – an illegal gypsy campsite with an eviction order.

    No doubt keeping within the law is a counsel of perfection for private investigators and debt-collectors. However, obtaining access to names and addresses of UK vehicle-owners from number- plates may not be a privilege open to most non-police enquirers.

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