Fish market / Fischmarkt

For some reason a travelling fish market sometimes stops here for a few days. It’s not all fish, though.

Smoked fish:



4 thoughts on “Fish market / Fischmarkt

  1. Kitchenwares? You’re catching the Eurolish, is it not? But is all the stuff behind the second picture part of the fish market, or a bigger market of which it is but a part?

  2. Oh dear – I meant to type it without the s. Have now changed it!
    There is normally a car park there, and at the other end the fruit and veg market, on some days more than others. Every so often, another market passes through and displaces the car park. There are four or five fish stalls that travel around the country, particularly known for their patter, and the other stalls are accompanying acts: a huge one with pot plants, the Bratwürste and meat, cheese, pasta, and a kitchen one. I like the kitchen one because the, er, wares are so miscellaneous. The biggest stalls won’t sell you, for instance, one smoked eel (accompanied by lewd remarks): you have to have four or five other things thrown in and get 30 or 40 euros’ worth of stuff for 20 euros (at least, that’s what they tell you).

    Let me put that more clearly – everything you see in the background in the second picture belongs to the fish market and presumably after Saturday or Sunday will not be seen again. From left to right in the background: cheese, smoked fish, rollmops in rolls (yuk), clothes, and slightly hidden the kitchen stuff.

  3. Ah – someone understood the message. Yes, I got myself a fisheye attachment. The digital camera is not an SLR, but using the monitor screen it works OK.

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