Solution to prepositions quiz/Lösung zu Präpositionen

Here is a list of solutions to the prepositions quiz for non-native speakers of (legal) English:

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In a few cases I have indicated where American English would differ. In one case there are two possible answers. There may be other correct answers I haven’t thought of.

3 thoughts on “Solution to prepositions quiz/Lösung zu Präpositionen

  1. As a native Amenglish speaker, my only quibble would be ‘discriminate someone’ a structure I’ve never head from Americans (unless this is legal jargon, which is of course possible).

    It does seem to be a common construction in international non-native English.

  2. Thanks. Sorry about that – I don’t know where I got it from. Must have been thinking of ‘protest’. I will change it.

  3. Synchronicity all over again. Ich komme gerade von meiner Lesegruppe und wir haben uns wieder bis weit über die Schmerzgrenze hinaus an griechischen Tragödien und Epen verlustiert. Dann komme ich heim und sehe, daß der Language Hat zur Abwechslung mal …

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