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I have started using a script, closecomments.php, to block any comments on posts older than thirty days old. At least, if I run the script every day, that will be the case, and otherwise it may be 31 or 32 days.

The script came from tubedogg at geeksblog.

I did this because I get comment spam and also trolls, and often they use one or two particular entries. I suppose that particular URL has been handed on.

There’s one entry I would have liked to leave open, and that is Macroglossum Stellatarum, which may come to life again when the moths return. I suppose there is no way of opening a single comment?

3 thoughts on “Comments in Movable Type

  1. In my version of MT, you can choose for each entry whether you want comments open or closed — there’s a box right below the Excerpt box, to the right of “Authored on.” I use it to selectively close off comments on entries that seem to attract spam.

  2. Hmm. You seem to have an earlier version than I do. I fear I have overlooked something! Still, at least I now know how to run a php script on my server… I don’t suppose you know how to reverse the effects of the script, do you? No, I thought not.

  3. Oh, great, it works – I managed to free the comments function on the moth entry. What a waste of time! Thanks to language hat for the tip.

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