Observer article on blogs/Artikel über Weblogs in Observer

Artikel über Weblogs in Großbritannien. Mit Interviews und links.

The Observer has an article on weblogs in Britain (via greenfairydotcom).

Of course, The Observer and The Guardian are connected, and the Guardian has its own weblog.

The main source of blogging experience was Lynn Gomm, whose weblog is Bacon, Cheese and Oatcakes (reminds me of the UseNet group alt.2eggs.sausage.beans.tomatoes.2toast.largetea.cheerslove). I like Lynn’s description of meeting other bloggers:

bq. When we did meet, she told me there was a reason she had had only one personal encounter with her many blogging friends, a visitor from the United States. ‘The meeting was OK, but the real person isn’t of course the same person who writes. I think I’m more comfortable with the person I put onto the computer – I don’t have to put on make-up and make a social effort. I tend to blog with people who blog like I do, but their lifestyle or educational background might mean that if we met we’d probably have nothing to say.’

One thing I find strange is that the very famous Belle de Jour UK blog has been in the news as ‘she surely isn’t who she says she is – is she a journalist – is she a man’ at the same time as the same questions were being raised of the German Belle de Jour blog.

4 thoughts on “Observer article on blogs/Artikel über Weblogs in Observer

  1. It seems to be similar (you could use a Babelfish or Google translation to give the gist of the latest). But I’ve never read it. The first entry says that the title is definitely relevant, but I am not sure if ‘she’ says she is a prostitute. It was written by a Don Dahlmann, who seems to be known (maybe he has his own blog).
    jimmiz journal has mentioned this, and also that the English Belle de Jour exists and had the same problems (identity query) shortly afterwards.
    (I must sort out html in these comments – it’s supposed to work, but whenever I use it, with or without a word to be highlighted, the links vanish).

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